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The Ital life way,

The primary goal of adhering to an Ital Life Diet is to increase Livity energy or the life force that we believe lives within all human beings who feel a shared central Livity among all living things, and what is put into one’s body should enhance Livity rather than reduce it.  Ital is taken from the word vital but replaced with just “I” to signify the speaker’s unity with all things of nature. In short “Ital Life” is a strict vegan way of producing products to support the health and longevity in all life forms on the planet. This way of Life can be found throughout the entire world, but more so in remote locations far from modern civilizations where pollutants and chemically processed foods are abundant and derived from profit seekers with no regard for the Livity of all living things. We at Ital Life will change the way you think and live for the better of all Humans and living things on Planet Earth. We use only the purest sources no matter how far or remote we have to travel to ensure the Ital Life way.

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